Five Horrible Thoughts Good Bloggers Don’t Have (But I Do)

Photo Credit: Stephanie Booth / Flickr (CC BYB-NC-SA 2.0) Cat blogging pictures are adorable and, along with GIFS, are a recurring theme throughout this post). Plus, I believe they have the same love/hate relationship with the blogging world as I do and, you know, everything else).

Photo Credit: Stephanie Booth / Flickr
(CC BYB-NC-SA 2.0) (Cropped)
I like to think that blogger-cats share my love/hate relationship with blogging (and everything else).

These are not the average insecure blogger thoughts. Oh, I have those as well, but this list wouldn’t be “horrible” if it were just about pitying myself (which, seriously, what the hell? I’ve never been insecure until I entered the blogging world. So thanks a lot, WordPress). No no, this list is about all the ways in which I project my self-doubts onto others. (Or maybe, I really am just a horrendous person?)

We’ve all read the advice about “do what you love,” “blog for yourself,” “don’t worry about stats,” blah-blah-blah. I mean, it’s good advice, but I’m not perfect (and I doubt you are, either). I care about this stuff. I’m also pretty cynical. (Or maybe, shallow?)

We all have those moments. Well, I have those moments. Many of them. So here are some thoughts I like to convince myself every other blogger has on an almost-daily basis. I apologize in advance for being so cruel. (Or maybe, I don’t?)

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17 thoughts on “Five Horrible Thoughts Good Bloggers Don’t Have (But I Do)

    • Thank you for your comment! I was hoping I wasn’t the only one — originally I titled it “Five Horrible Thoughts Every Blogger Has When They Start Going Mad,” but I’ve been seeing SO many posts about how we SHOULDN’T think any of these things, that I didn’t want to be presumptuous and say “every blogger,” so I just admitted to it on my own, hoping others would follow =]


  1. All I can say is I think we should be bloggy friends… though I fear you may never see past my (insert whatever adjective) bazillion proofreading errors. If so, let’s be! I like to think that my “they” for the most part are indeed second graders, so I think I’m safe anyways. Loved this piece! Best~Julie

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  2. Tearing myself down and building myself back up … that’s a great line! I do that in my ‘writing’ writing, not so much with my blog (which I use as a diary of sorts). I also agree that today’s grammar – Grammar anything – is pathetic. You’re not alone in these 5 thoughts! You’re gutsy, and that’s a good thing. Thanks for the follow, too! :D

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    • Thank you! I consider my blog “writing writing” — I’m using it as a kind of stepping stone for my memoir. It’s absurd how much time I spent perfecting and editing each single post. Writing 101 is helping me with that. Thanks for the follow back! =]


  3. I love this! I don’t know why someone like you had to write about this when it’s SUPPOSED to be common courtesy for bloggers. :-< What's happening to the blogging community?

    I was blogging on a different platform when I was a teenager and the blogging culture was very much alive at that time. At least, the people I 'met' were really in to the culture. (i.e. exchanging links, regular commenting, even leaving 'hey just dropped by' in those site chatboxes) A few years later, I lost contact with all of them and I've moved on to a different blog (my present one) and I can't believe it's SO HARD to 'foster' new blogging connections! IS THE COMMENTING CULTURE DEAD?? (no, I'm not talking about the trolling kind. :-<)

    Even in Writing 101, people expect for you to comment on their blog posts but what do I get? Nada. :( It makes me sad, especially when I really liked what they've written because I would just love for them to critique my work.

    Sorry if I started rambling. LOL All of your points are valid! You are not alone! :) Haha.

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    • Oh you’ll learn I LOVE rambling, it’s kind of my forte. haha.

      I agree (obviously, heh). I mean, some days are rougher and/or busier than others and I make a mental note to return a view, follow, like, etc. and then forget, but usually I at least try to do something. I know how important stats are, so I try to view every post in my reader, even if I don’t even get around to reading it. I like nearly all of the posts, unless I have a serious problem with them, and comment on those I love. I also usually respond to every comment on my blog. It can be time-consuming, but it seems that now so many people are so worried about their own blog, they don’t realize that we are worried about the same things.

      Another pet peeve is when people like or comment on my Facebook/Twitter shares or Writing101 posts instead of on my blog itself. I need higher stats, people! Haha.

      Thank you for understanding and commenting =]


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