I found a note scribbled
on the back of a receipt
this morning, dancing
in the breeze amongst
leftover litter you likely
didn’t mean to
leave behind.

I feel inclined to tell you
that the condoms you bought
break easily. But it’s probably
too late to heed
my warning.

If I were a spiteful
person, I would place it
in the trash, like I did with
the other evidence of your
drunken escapade.

But Kate 555-4809
Tonight was amazing,
Can’t wait to see you again!
is surely expecting
a call.


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24 thoughts on “Expecting

  1. I have chosen YOU as a nominee for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. I truly enjoy reading your blog postings and hope that you will click the following link to acknowledge the nomination. I encourage you to keep being the AWESOME writer that you are. I look forward to your future blogs!

    ~ Angela


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    • Thank you SO much! I have to admit, since I became active on my blog over the last few months, I have been aching for someone to nominate me for one of the awards (and to get Freshly Pressed, haha). You’ve truly made my day.

      I’m happy you enjoy my posts! I have a bunch in the works, but am focusing this month on the Writing101 challenge so who knows what will come next=]


      • I am pleased to know that you’re pleased! :D You are very deserving. I am truly enjoying the Writing 101 challenge and am glad we are connected.

        Can you please explain ‘Freshly Pressed’ to me? I’m very new to WordPress blogging and have seen that term floating around…

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        • If you go to your normal wordpress homepage (not your blog) you will see “Reader, Stats, My Blog(s), Freshly Pressed.” If you click on Freshly Pressed, you will see a display of all kinds of different posts by all sorts of different bloggers. Every day, the WordPress staffers search for an array of tags, categories, etc. to read our work (obviously not all of it, there are too many of us!) and pick “8” posts to feature on Freshly Pressed. (8 is in quotes because I’ve noticed the actual number of posts from day to day ranges, and weekends are slow.) It’s a big deal because a lotttt of people check out Freshly Pressed and will direct way more people to your blog.


          • Ohhhhh. Ok! (Very good observations on your part!) :) Thank you for taking the time to explain. I will give that a peek. Here’s hoping that you and I both get Freshly Pressed one day soon!

            Have a great week ahead!

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          • Yes! As long as we don’t use copyright images (just make sure they’re creative commons or “labeled for reuse”) and tag our posts effectively, I’m sure we will — we’re worth it!

            It is a great place. I’ve found many amazing bloggers through Freshly Pressed.


          • Thanks for the heads-up and advice. I’m perusing the Freshly Pressed page now. WOW! Good stuff!

            I truly appreciate you. Thanks, again!

            Best wishes for SUCCESS! Go, go, gooooo!!! :D

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