Confession: I’m an atheist.

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Calm down people – I don’t worship the devil.

I just don’t believe in the concept of a supreme being.  I don’t believe in divine intervention.  I don’t believe that bad things happen to good people, that if I pray things will go my way, and I don’t have to read a book or listen to a sermon to determine right from wrong.

What happened to freedom of religion?  I can believe in whatever I want – I just choose to believe in myself.

But try to explain that to the hauty-totty, bible belt, professional stay-at-home moms in my town.

Don’t look down on me when you have a nanny raising your kids, you cheat on your husband, and you’re in debt up to your eyeballs but you go on vacation every year and bitch when you don’t get jewelry for every holiday.

How about you believe in doing your best every day.  Making things better than you found them.  Spend quality time with your family, and live within your means.  How about you don’t judge others for their beliefs – isn’t there something in the bible about that?

I think religion is great.  I think it’s sad, but necessary, that people have to have a book to follow, to have some pre-established belief to learn about.  I think things would be a little crazy if people didn’t think there were “after-life repercussions”, but that doesn’t mean I need it.

Now try explaining freedom of religion to your kids.  Beat into them right from wrong, and encourage them to make a difference.  I mean, really explain it – in it’s truest, purest sense.  This is why people don’t talk about religion or politics.  Because there is no winner.  There isn’t one that’s more right or more wrong, but there is one that’s more accepted – and there’s power in numbers.  So I encourage my children to believe in themselves and if they are going to “pick” a religion you should be informed about all of them so you’re picking what’s best for them.

If we do that for appliances, shouldn’t we at least do the same for our beliefs?


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