These Feet Were Made for Walking

I’ve never really understood people’s repulsion (or attraction) to feet. Most people I meet are either utterly grossed out by even the mention of the human body’s lowermost appendage, or have such a fascination with them that’s it’s a borderline fetish (or sometimes an actual fetish).

But to each their own – there are plenty of things people don’t understand about me – so even though I can’t quite grasp why these people feel the way they do, I can appreciate and accept it. For instance, I don’t like testicles. I don’t even know why, but I don’t. I don’t expect you to understand, but I hope you’ll respect my dislike. I also don’t like the word moist and simply spelling it just made me twitch. So let’s move on.

I was recently reading Kevil’s most recent post, I don’t have a phobiaaaaccckkKKK (that was a little difficult to repeat perfectly), in which she explains how she never thought she had any weird fears until she got married and had kids. Of course, feet were on her list of newfound super scary things. Again, feet don’t gross me out, but I don’t think she’s crazy for finding them creepy – we probably share the same weird gene or brain misfire or whatever you scientists want to call it, but hers says no to feet and mine shuns testicles. That’s cool.

I’ve been on the other end of feet-phobia for a while now. Jack hates them. Like, really hates them. He doesn’t even like to look at mine. If we’re lying in bed and they accidentally touch him, he freaks out and jumps and yells at me and it’s a super big deal. So I mean, I know this happens, I know a lot of people have this phobia.

What I don’t understand is when people like ‘attractive’ feet but don’t like ‘ugly’ feet. Obviously, if someone’s feet are dirty and smelly and sweaty and all that, yeah, they can be considered gross and even the most foot-loving person is free to ‘ewwww‘ at them. Feet can get nasty.

But after reading Kevil’s post I decided to comment, and my very first thought was “I have gross feet, so . . . “ But why do I have ‘gross feet’? If they’re clean and not stinky or sweaty or anything, what exactly makes them gross? They’re flat – I inherited the ‘duck feet’ gene from my father – and they’re supposedly big for a woman – an 8 ½ – 9 – and I have ‘french fry alien toes,’ because they’re super long and thin. So, maybe I have abnormal feet. But why are they gross? Or ugly?

Seriously, what makes a foot, a foot, attractive? Especially a woman’s foot. Does it have to be dainty and curved? Are we putting the female body stereotype on feet, too? Is there any meaning behind why most American men are more attracted to small, arched feet with polished toes?

(According to one study, women with smaller feet are more likely to have attractive faces. So really, it’s just all about our shallow desire for beauty.) (Another study says men like size 5 feet the most. Isn’t it hard to support yourself on those things?) (BUT other cultures prefer women with larger feet. Maybe I’d fit in more there.)

Specifically, why do I jump to the conclusion that my feet are gross? I don’t think they’re gross. I think they’re fine. I’m not out to impress anyone but myself, so the only thing I can think of is that years and years of people telling me my feet are ugly has ingrained that idea into my head and now I can’t shake it. My feet may be gross to you, but someone else out there might love them.

In fact, someone out there does love them. I don’t remember his name, but I met him at a rave a few years ago. He was one of those feet fetish people, I think. The first thing he said to me was that he loved my feet, they were sexy, and could he suck on them? I’m pretty sure I thanked him and declined, but I was also most likely on a lot of drugs so I may have said yes. Either way, I never saw him again but he is forever in my mind as the one person in the whole world who was kind enough to like my feet and not make me feel like a monster.

We can’t control our feet. We can paint our nails and exfoliate and get surgery to remove bunions and put ourselves through torture by binding them, but overall, we get the feet with which we were born. Telling someone they have ugly feet is the same as calling someone ugly because you, personally, don’t like their face. Haven’t we outgrown this yet?

(I’ll spare you any actual foot photos in case you’re one of the many people who doesn’t like feet at all.)


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Do you have ‘attractive’ feet, or ‘ugly’ feet? Do you dislike feet, or like them? Do you care at all, or are they simply another part of your body that help you walk? Do you think this whole good vs. bad feet thing is as ridiculous as I do? Let me know!

13 thoughts on “These Feet Were Made for Walking

  1. I find feet attractive. Or, at the very least, I find I like looking at women’s feet. I think its the way the foot is shaped, not just the foot itself, but the toes as well. Some nice nail polish goes a long way, too.

    PS: I think testicles look gross as well. That whole “truckers balls” thing from a few years ago…well, I’m glad that’s gone the way of the dodo.

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    • See, I never was one to paint my nails — on my feet or hands. If that’s a dealbreaker for someone, then we just won’t be together. That’s fine with me, everyone has their likes and dislikes.

      I just don’t get the “ugly vs. pretty feet” thing. It’s like making fun of (or liking) someone for only one specific thing about their body that they were born with. it’s just looks, ya know?


      • I don’t get the ugly vs. pretty debate either. I’ve never seen ugly feet, on a man or a woman. I have seen some gnarly-looking toenails, though, and I know a person or two who could stand a pedicure…*looking down at my toes*

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        • Haha yeah there’s a line between natural feet and not taking care of yourself. I’ve never had a pedicure in my life, but I keep my toenails cut and I’m not grossed out by my feet, so that’s good enough for me! =]


  2. It’s not about ” liking someone for only one specific thing about their body”, we humans simply take into considerations looks and not just when we’re looking for couples, except maybe blind people.
    I actually have a foot fetish and in most cases it’s the shape what makes them pretty or ugly to me, with a whole spectrum between those two. What I imagine when someone says “beautiful feet” is a big, slender foot with longs toes and a high arch. Things like sweat, smell, unattended nails, callouses, et cetera are not an issue because, as you said, they either can be fixed or are not permanent. If someone I loved didn’t have pretty feet it wouldn’t bother me, but if she did it would be nice.
    To answer another of your questions, I think my feet are alright, I take care of them like I do with the rest of my body.

    I don’t think the “pretty vs. ugly” thing is about making fun of people, we just have different ideas of what is beautiful and what isn’t, as they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Nowadays some people keep saying “everyone is beautiful”, but I think some of them take it literally when it really means “everyone is potentially beautiful to someone else”, as long as we’re not being disrespectful I don’t see where the problem is.

    Sorry for the long answer.

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    • I mean, of course there are certain things I find attractive when looking for a significant other. But, I’ve pretty much trained myself to overlook anything I might find “not attractive” about them, because their personality is the thing that matters and if it’s amazing, their looks mirror that, even if no one else sees it.

      My problem is that telling someone they have ugly feet IS being disrespectful. Why is my go-to “I have gross feet” when I don’t find them gross at all?


      • I agree, we shouldn’t say that, at least to people who didn’t ask for our opinion. If I see someone with “ugly feet” I won’t go and tell him or her “hey, your feet are ugly, hide those things”, I’ll just keep it to myself, it’s just courtesy.

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  3. Now you HAVE to send me a picture of your feet! :D I’m with you on the pretty and ugly thing. That’s not something we can control and it doesn’t make you a pretty or ugly person. Everyone has insecurities (like the fact that I’m insanely jealous of your hair because mine is getting thinner and finer as we speak). Clean, neat, trim, shave, whatever to keep peds presentable (and not everyone needs to wear flip flops) is all I’m asking if you’re going to be flashing them to the world. You know what I think really looks awful? Look at red carpet events or celebrities that cram their feet into high heels. Talk about not putting your best foot forward! :P (this one comes to mind:

    And you need to come visit – we’ll go get pedis! It’s relaxing, you don’t have to crunch over like a contortionist to groom yourself, and mine serves the best wine! (Let me know if you speak Vietnamese because I’m pretty sure my lady complains that I don’t shave my legs before I go – maybe we should have her do a guest post).

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    • Hahaha my friends always make fun of them. Like, every second of every day. But whatever, I’m cool with them.

      I think feet crammed into heels look horrible, too. I won’t wear open-toed heels because they push my feet up and my toes get all squished and not only is it uncomfortable, but I think it looks horrible.

      If I ever have the money to go anywhere but my surrounding areas, you’re my first stop! I don’t speak any language other than English, but I’ve officially decided to stop shaving my legs altogether (I think — I’m in the process of writing a post about that), so she’ll probably complain about me more than you. Haha!


  4. I never used to make a big thing about feet until I met my spouse. She likes having her feet touched, and I really like making her feel good. Like, really. That’s my big thing is making other people feel good. I’d even go as far as saying that it’s strong enough to qualify as a fetish. So as a consequence, feet have started to become a big thing for me because they facilitate my own “fetish”, which is being the cause of pleasant sensations in others. I still don’t pay a whole lot of attention to feet otherwise though, just my spouse’s.


  5. I don’t like my feet. Like you, I have ridiculously huge feet and it’s impossible to get the shoes I like for them. My big toe is also longer than the rest, which also makes shoes hard to find. And not to mention the fact that one foot is narrower than the other. But that’s my own feet that I don’t like. Sure, I squirm when I see the feet of people I don’t know, and the idea of having someone’s foot in my face repulses me. But I’m not a big feet hater. Imagine if none of us had feet? What mess would we be in then? ;)

    Toenails, however… that’s a different story…


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