This Might Be Considered A Review

My son loves Beechnut Fruities. If you don’t know what they are, they’re just little pouches of pureed fruit and veggies. Like a baby food, but in pouches, and still appropriate for older kids. So he’s been eating them for years. Every morning, first thing, he runs into the kitchen screaming “Fruit! Fruit!” and then I have to keep a close eye on him for the rest of the day otherwise they’re all he’d eat.

And what parent could complain? They’re kind of expensive ($1 each doesn’t seem like a lot until you’re spending at least $45 a month on them), but they’re fruit and veggies already prepared with little to no mess (unless he squirts it out all over the place). So they were perfect. Except . . .

They looked like this:

princess, cars, pooh beechnut fruities

Cars, Winnie the Pooh, and Princess themed. There were some variations (Mater, Tigger, Belle, etc.) but each one had one of those themes. So if I wanted to get banana, apple, & strawberry for my son, I had to get him the princess one. Which wasn’t a big deal for us, because my son likes whatever he likes, and is allowed to.

But overall, in the bigger picture, it’s gendered marketing all over again.

Here, buy these ‘Cars’ Fruities for your boys, and these Princess Fruities for your girls, and these Winnie the Pooh Fruities for your younger kids. Make sure to get one of each, because only girls can have princess stuff and only boys can like cars. Or, since Winnie the Pooh is for everyone, only buy your kids 3 different flavors instead of all 10.

It drove me nuts. I’ve had people mention Oh, no, that’s a princess one. You don’t want that, take this Cars one instead.

No, I want every flavor, no matter the design. But sadly, the design matters to so many people. How many kids missed out on banana, apple, & strawberry because of the princess? A lot, I’d bet.

But now, Beechnut Fruities have changed to this:

beechnut fruities new design

Hallelujah! A simple, fruit/veggie covered, red design. For all kids, not genders.

So now my son can eat his favorite flavors in peace, without judgmental glares from random strangers.

*  *  *  *  *

What do you think about the old vs. new designs? What about gendered marketing? Let me know!


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3 thoughts on “This Might Be Considered A Review

    • They still have them=] Haha
      I always considered these to be more for big kids (like the apple sauce pouches they have at our WaWas) or for on-the-go. All I really know is that my son is 3 and still loves them.


  1. My youngest grandson is almost 3, he’s been getting these since he was about 1. He loves oatmeal so when I fix it for him I use the fruit to help cool it down. That way he gets both. Sometimes when he’s sick all we can get down him is the pureed fruit and veggies. The best of both worlds, he eating and it’s pretty healthy.
    I think too much emphasis is placed on gender stuff for the little ones, just my thoughts.


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