You No Longer Let Me Down

So remember that time I complained that you guys weren’t searching enough crazy shit to get to this blog? Well, you have more than come through over the past month. Let’s get started immediately.

inspector search

robin williams find your Weird how similar this is to my post. Makes me really hope you were looking for it specifically.

shenanigans borderline personality You’ve come to the right place, young grasshopper.

third gender private parts I have no idea why you ended up here . . . I guess because of this, but this will probably help you better than my post.

Luke’s shlong Bwuahahaha, this one is ultimately my favorite ever. It’s probably impossible to beat. And better yet, someone looked this up on! What on Earth could they have been searching for? Certainly not a dream about banana-like penises.

major depressive disorder eeyore work sheet study guide There’s a work sheet / study guide? Hit me up with that!

I hit my toddler So do I.

can’t make sense out of nonsense Well, duh.

its cool to be an alcoholic It’s NOT cool, that’s the whole point.

facebook fries before guys No idea why you came here, but read this.

why do I like pumpkin things so much Hahaha, because you do and they’re delicious?! I don’t know, fuckin’ weirdo.

funny mexican independence day What the hell are these search engines thinking? I wrote about America’s Independence Day!

fries before guys pajamas Again, sorry I didn’t help, but read this.

everyone is fighting a battle robin williams and rose I don’t know who Rose is, but everyone is fighting a battle.

shenanigans clothing I’m seriously sorry search engines keep sending you here. Clothes suck.

sayings with the word shenanigans Just make up your own!

eyore syndrome Yep, I have it.

how to do me against myself on social networking WHAT?!

whats wrong with todays kids THIS. This.

visuals of villagers thrashing the 2 auto drivers who tried to rape a woman in ap. I don’t know why you came here when there are so many other sources for that, but if you’re my troll, welcome and thank you=]

if i backhand my child What the hell? Don’t! Um, here you go. But what does that have to do with me?

nephilia infidelity blog I don’t know why everyone spells is NephilIa — there’s no second I in there — but her blog is, sadly, private.

And that concludes this month’s version of Y’all Are Sometimes Not Crazy But Sometimes Are.

*  *  *  *  *

What’s the best/worst/funniest/most boring/etc. search term that’s brought someone to your site? Let me know!


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