The Story Behind My Name

I communicate with many of you outside of the blogging world — Email, Twitter, Facebook; who knows, maybe one day even a phone call or a physical meeting — but I’ve come to realize most of you think you have no idea what my real name is.

Well, it’s really, truly, honestly Tempest Rose. That’s right. I was blessed with this name from birth. I did not make it up.

*  *  *  *  *

You see, once upon a time (and now, actually) my mom was obsessed with Frank Zappa. (If you don’t know who he is, I strongly advise you do some digging, because he was awesome.)

Frank Zappa

Frank was known for his eccentric speech and music — he spoke out against everything. Drugs were a big no no. Government was bad. There were purple prancing plastic people.

He was pretty much an ideal role model for anyone born in the 50s and who leaned a bit towards the hippie side, like my mother was and did.

Anyway, one day while she was pregnant with me, she was reading an article in a magazine about Frank Zappa, written by his nanny. She decided to look for his nanny’s name and came across the name Tempest. She fell in love with the name immediately.

It turns out the article after (or before, or something) the one she was reading was about a burlesque dancer named Tempest Storm. She had figured this out by the time I was born, but it didn’t matter to her. The fact that the name meant a violent storm or disturbance didn’t matter, either.

Tempest Storm

(Maybe it should have, because my psychiatrist tells me one of the reasons I act out is because I feel the need to live up to my name.)

So from the moment I was born, I was Tempest.

*  *  *  *  *

Rose was my paternal grandmother’s name. When my mother was in the hospital (I think), my grandmother looked her square in the face and said “All my other granddaughters are named after me” in the matter-of-fact, you-better-give-her-my-name-too tone I grew to love as a child. Ironically, the granddaughters she was referring to came from her marriage before my grandfather — a family she ran out on and I’ve never met.

*  *  *  *  *

So, there you have it. My real, true, honest name is Tempest Rose. I won’t give you my last name simply because I don’t use it unless absolutely required to.

Tempest Rose

*  *  *  *  *


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28 thoughts on “The Story Behind My Name

  1. I find the way we get our names to be fascinating -always makes me think when I’m working on naming a character, “what were their parents like, what influenced their name?”
    And I love when sometimes name fits them! But it’s an interesting point…do we live into the names we are given?

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  2. Have you heard of this book called “The Namesake”? I totally got reminded of that book reading this post. It’s the story of a man whose dad gave him this unconventional name. It’s a fantastic read! There is also a movie based on the book- and both the book as well as the movie are a treat! (though I always prefer the book over a film).
    I guess names afterall do have an astral effect.
    Even if it’s a fake moniker like mine :P


  3. I love your name and believe that you can “reframe” it, letting go of negative connotations and embracing positive connotations. Love the burlesque dancer Tempest Storm. Think of the incredible power wielded by Storm (Ororo Munroe) of the X-men as portrayed by the always gorgeous and sexy Halle Berry.

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