Confession: Work At Home Woman

This confession comes from Sue’s Simple Snippets:

“That Sue… I think she’s finally gone off the deep end,” they would say.

No, just working from home folks. Nothing to see here.

“But she’s not a mom,” they’d continue.

That’s right. Just a woman trying to realize her dream. Not all stay-at-homes are moms you know.

For lunch I clean out the fridge and finish up some leftovers while propped up in front of the computer. Some salad drips onto my sweatshirt. Beside the sauce stain. Shrugging, I turn back to my social media, admiring all the other perfectly coiffed bloggers out there, wondering if they’re actually “unclean” today too.

Please check out the author’s blog to read the whole thing.

Tell me whatcha think about that!

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