(Throwback Thursday — Originally published May 2013)

It is impossible to count the ways in which I’ve wronged the world. Impossible to grasp the evil I have done. But the worst was probably what I did to you, before you were even a thought, or better yet, a panic. You will never know your brother’s touch or eyes or smile. You will never have someone worthy to sneak you that bite of chocolate-chip cookie when I say no. And you’ll never even know all you’ll never know; what you’re missing, and why. I could try to explain it, tell you that I was a mess, and he never had a chance. But I doubt that would do much good. In your cobalt blue eyes I am perfect, and if I look into them enough, I may actually become what you see. You are my chance to start over.Holden swinging


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11 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Such beautiful words, Tempest. I look at my kids’ angelic faces everyday and want so much to be the perfection they think I am. I’m far from where I want to be but they’re the sole reason I strive so hard to be better. Keep trying. He’s adorable — you’re doing a good job.

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