Here’s the Thing about Feminism

A lot of you seem to be quite confused about what feminism is. So I’ll just say this right now — feminism is not extremism.

feminism is for everyone

Photo credit: Phoenix Dark-Knight / Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) (Cropped)

Feminism isn’t about getting mad that there are pink Legos. Pink Legos are awesome. Feminism is about getting mad that pink Legos are marketed to girls while superhero Legos are marketed to boys because what if my boy wants to play with pink or my girl wants to play with superheroes? Feminism is about marketing toys to kids.

Feminism isn’t about telling girls not to like princesses and makeup and dresses. It’s about giving them options to like dragons and camouflage and slingshots as well. It’s about letting them make their own choices, which is nearly impossible if the toys marketed to them are only princesses and makeup and dresses. Feminism is about choice.

Feminism isn’t only about girls and women. It’s also about giving boys the options to like princesses and makeup and dresses, along with dragons and camouflage and slingshots. Feminism is about being yourself.

Feminism isn’t about making women feel bad for choosing to be stay-at-home mothers, or by cooking their partner meals, or doing the household chores. It’s about eliminating the expectation that women are required to to those things, and giving them the opportunity to say no if they want to. Feminism is about letting women choose to stay at home or join the workforce, and it’s about respecting and admiring them no matter what they choose.

Feminism isn’t about expecting a woman with no qualifications to make more money than a man with qualifications. It’s about expecting fair and equal opportunities for women with qualifications, and pay for women worth it. A woman who does the same work as a man should receive the same pay; a woman who does less work than a man should receive less pay; a woman who does more work than a man should receive more pay. Feminism is about equality.

Feminism isn’t about putting men down; it’s about raising women up to be equal with men, and then raising them both up together. It’s not about overshadowing men; it’s about taking their hands and walking side by side with them.

*  *  *  *  *

What is feminism to you? What have I forgotten? Let’s break down the extremism and get back to real feminism!

35 thoughts on “Here’s the Thing about Feminism

    • Thank you, and UGH yes. The ORIGINAL burlesque dancer was Tempest Storm. This new Tempest Rose came about only a few years ago, and it drives me mad because my REAL name is Tempest Rose. I wrote a post about it. Hah

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  1. Tempest, this is as good as I’ve ever read — straight to the point, tightly focussed on EQUALITY, and then with joining hands together, raising BOTH up, and walking side by side — the most beautiful image I’ve ever seen applied to feminism.

    Thank you for this image. I know it will stay with me for a long time.

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  2. Great article. Whether it is feminism, racial equality or whatever I am a firm believer in having one standard.

    A standard of excellence that everyone must achieve. No shortcuts. No preferences. Most importantly – NO EXCUSES!

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  3. This is perfect! I feel like Feminism used to be seen as a type of Man-haters club, but that’s really not what it is about. I love that you mentioned about the expectation of women to be stay at home moms/ Suzy homemakers, because it makes me think of one thing I deal with quite often and have lately been seeing a lot of other women my age (approaching 30) talking about as well. The expectation that women have to be mothers. I have nothing against kids, I love kids and kids tend to love me, however, I just don’t see myself having my own. It doesn’t make me a cold, evil person but I still get judged for it. I don’t ever hear of many guys dealing with this though. I feel like people just forget that it is a personal choice and not every woman wants or needs the experience of motherhood (or even marriage) to feel like their lives are fulfilling and happy!

    Thanks again for your wonderful thought provoking posts! :)


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    • Thank you! And you’re totally right — many, many people expect women to get married, be mothers, stay at home, work, etc. etc. Really it’s our own life, we should get to live it as we see fit.


  4. Love this. I’m an old second-waver. Feminism changed and probably saved my life. It also saved me from hating my sad, bitter, depressed, alcoholic mother because it gave me some clues about why she was the way she was. What feminism means to me: it’s women getting together, sharing the truths of our lives, trying to make sense of it all, and organizing to change whatever’s messing things up. Feminism is always evolving, always changing. It’s something we make up as we go along.

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