It’s Thanksgiving. I don’t give a rat’s ass about thanksgiving.

Honestly, I think it’s all a load of crap. We’re pretty much celebrating our slaughter of a bazillion innocent Native Americans and bullshitting about what we’re thankful for one day of the freaking year when we should be thankful all the damn time. We should have Thanksgiving every fucking week. Plus, who would mind eating that well so often? NO ONE.

Anyway, I’m drunk (but only a little) and Nate’s still mad at me. Mad because I’m on a medication prescribed to me specifically for the purpose of keeping me off hard drugs. So myself and my son can have better lives. So he doesn’t have to worry about me fucking 24/7. So our son has at least one of his freakin’ parents around. So I don’t start sucking dick for money again (oh by the way, a post on that is being featured on TMU this Tuesday — stay tuned!)

Everyone who’s against Suboxone should just get off their damn high non-addicted horse and realize that it makes me (and others on it) a stronger person. STRONGER, DAMMIT.

Nate hasn’t called. He was supposed to call on Wednesday but he didn’t. He didn’t call today, either, and although we both don’t give a crap about Thanksgiving, I thought maybe he would call to speak to his son. But then again, if we’re raising him in a household that doesn’t give a crap about Thanksgiving, why would he call? He wouldn’t, I guess, so there’s no need to be mad at him for today. And yesterday was still his cool-off time, I get that. But tomorrow, oh boy if he doesn’t call tomorrow he’s gonna get it. Get what, I’m not sure, because he’s already in prison and all.

Anyway, I was going to try to turn this into a real post, you know one about Suboxone or Thanksgiving or prison or something, but it didn’t turn out that way because I’m (a little bit) drunk. And then I wasn’t going to post it at all, but I figured what the hell, if I can still spell this well when I’m (a little bit) drunk, people should be able to enjoy my madness. So, here you go. Welcome to my madness, bitches.

(I say bitches in a feminist, let’s-take-back-that-word kind of way.)

Jack won’t bring me another beer because he’s a poopy head.

27 thoughts on “WELL THEN

    • Absolutely! Stand by your convictions.

      From what I’ve read in your work, you always stand by your convictions, and yet you do so with the strength to be open to changing them — by your own lights — if that occurs, but you will not change them until you yourself see something differently, and then I’ve learned to count on you to change without looking back with any longing (though I expect from what I’ve read here that you will look back not even in regret but with a memory of lessons learned; you always do seem to recognize lessons learned, and to tell us about those).

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  1. Careful mixing Suboxone and alcohol. Interaction can result in respiratory distress, coma, or even death (http://www.drugs.com/interactions-check.php?drug_list=1034-14582,439-2040). I’ve had a couple of glasses of sparkling wine, so I’m not one to talk. Then again interaction with Lexapro & Depakote & alcohol = dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating (not death). FYI. Hope tomorrow is a better day and that Nate calls his son.

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    • I know, but I really think that’s one of the worst-case scenarios that happened to a few people so they had to say it. My doctor knows I drink occasionally and doesn’t seem concerned — we have everything (all my vital organs and whatnot) checked every so often.


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  2. Agree. Thanksgiving is hard. I’m WAY more thankful other days of the year. Suboxone saved my brother’s life, though admittedly I was a skeptic when I found out he was going that route. Cheers to this day almost being over!

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    • I understand initial skepticism. I don’t agree with people who see it working who still have the nerve to give us hell about it. This is how we maneuver our recovery. You seem to have come around.

      And yes! Cheers! Although, I don’t really care whether it’s over or not because it doesn’t mean anything to me. Haha

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