Thank You

I seriously hesitated putting the last post up (you know, the one about infidelity and lies and drugs).

I feel like I have some sort of status to live up to on here. I admit my faults but I take responsibility. I say profound things but admit to being human.

But still, I always feel like you all expect something from me. Like, for me to be one of the best. Like I’m supposed to be intelligent and good and all those other things, all the time.

I’m not. I’m really, really not.

So when I admitted to doing horrible things in the not-so-distant past, I was pretty sure half of you would leave. But, according to my stats, I’ve not only not lost followers, but gained a few.

So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sticking by me in my times of need. Thank you for understanding that I am human and I make (sometimes really bad) mistakes. Thank you for taking this ride with me, no matter how bumpy it may get.

Thank you.


33 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. No worries … me sticking around too …you are the most awesome and honest and lovely person I have met in a long time … cuz you say it like it is … in each and every ones of our heads, whether we act on it or not … want you to be as happy as can be, sister … Love, cat. PS: Kisses to Holden :)

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  2. I think you should be proud of yourself that you have the balls (oops; vagina) to write what you want to write, even if it shows some less-than-positive behavior. We all have done things we’d rather not speak of anymore. Good for you for sharing what you want to share on our blog!

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  3. Tempest, my dear, you are human, and we love your humanity and your honesty. I’m no expert on recovery from substance abuse, but I do believe that owning up to your behavior and giving testimony is healing. Forgive me when I get on you. I’m a mama and a nag by nature. Back when I did counsel young women for a living, I often felt that I acted as a professional nagger or mother more than as a neutral psychotherapist. From me, like you, you will get honest feedback. Not exactly in keeping with the tradition of the 12-step program’s proscription against crosstalk. Forgive me for that. I guess I believe you have the strength to stand up to me when you disagree. I love that about you.

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  4. I do think that “you have a status to live up to on here”, and that that “status” is to be honest, transparent and raw. It is why I am here. I screw up and am not nearly as courageous as you in owning up to it and moving on. Keep on inspiring!

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  5. Dear, dear Tempest,

    Your best things are never the comfortable (or comforting) ones, but the ones that make us squirm because they resonate in us — we resonate with them. You help us notice whatever we need to, and if not all your posts speak to something I recognize, enough of them do that I’ve gotten in touch with things I’ve long needed to, thanks to you.

    I don’t look for anything resembling answers from you, let alone any kind of perfection, unless its the most perfect honesty you can muster, which is what comes through and challenges me to look at what’s resonating (in me) to your words — your self-revelations — when they reveal myself to me. Those are the moments I read for.

    I hope my occasional voice of appreciation for you and for what you’ve given me (and us), joined with the outpouring of appreciation from your other readers, provides sufficient recompense, since I have nothing equal to your own offerings to give in return. All I can do is keep reading, and learning, and growing, and responding,



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  6. I meant to reply to this earlier, but I forgot because I’m super forgetful. Admittedly your perspective, and your world are completely foreign to me. For example, I thought Suboxone was some kind of online dating site for people in open relationships or something when you first mentioned it in the post you linked. Idiot, me. Anyway, that different perspective is why I read, because I feel like the more you tell, the better I understand, and the less I judge, and not being a judgey jerk is a goal of mine. Please keep the honesty up <3

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    • Oh that’s quite alright — I forgot to reply earlier! Haha.

      Thank you so much! One of the main reasons I write is to educate people on my world and my life, seems like I’m doing it=]


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