Crazy Level: Nailed It

Happy December, y’all! Now that it’s a new month, you know what that means! We get to see just how crazy you’ve been over the past month, and I must say, you no longer disappoint. Here are the search terms that led you crazies to Nonsense & Shenanigans over the past month:

inspector search

alcoholics (4) / alcoholics photos I don’t really know what to say to this, but how many pages did you have to go through to find this site searching for such a common word? P.s. Alcoholics aren’t cool.

pity party (2) Parents have them, a lot.

women who like to kick balls (2) / kick ur bolls on tshirt / girls kickes boys balls imges / girls kick balls / girl kick balls image blog / girls kick balls blog / girls balls kick I wrote one post about a shirt and feminism!

villagers thrashing auto drivers (2) / rape a woman in ap / 2 auto drivers tried to rape I did write a good post about some asshole who commented on this, but again, why are you people being directed to my page?

gardenar sex (2) / sex wiht your gardener / gardener sex / sex with gardener story And again, ONE post about sex BLOGGING with MR. Gardener. But it’s really good — you should check it out.

does it mean anything that i can push a tampon out -poop -bowel (2) Why did two people search this? And why did they both come to my site? And have you ever heard of GIVING BIRTH? If you can push a BABY out of your vagina, I don’t think a tampon is too much to worry about, unless it’s in your ass. (Though it’s probably not in far enough.)

i got lucky to see What?! I’m so curious right now.

and shenanigans Nonsense. Why not just go straight to the site?

sonic pees Hahaha, I don’t even remember which post I used the photo in, but that you searched this and found me is hilarious.

sonic on toilet

Photo Credit: shadowrobotnik / deviantART (CC BY 3.0)

ass hole of small girl child.. GET OUT OF HERE, NOW.

status on tagging me in nonsense photos Like on Facebook? Because that’s totally annoying.

bipolar parenting Now that I can help with.

feet made for walking Mine were.

hot sluts with bananas / sluts bananas The whole point of the post was to stop sexualizing bananas.

if my toddler wont poop in the potty does that mean he is not ready for potty training / potty training power struggle Dude, I don’t know shit about potty training.

why do middle aged women dye their hair blonde Usually to keep it the same color it was when they were younger.

ashole parents ashole kids asshole speller.

nephila infidelity blog comments Always. Welcome, newcomers. I hope you can stand her.

no strings attached 2014 Movie? Can’t help you with that. I wrote a post about how it’s possible, though.

nonsense & shenanigans YES. At least I hope you were looking for me.

crazy health nonsense Haha, ask my mom.

giving girls makeup feminism I don’t know where this is going. But makeup sucks.

about feminism Here you go.

shenanigans clothing STOP COMING HERE.

stories of a mom and son cuddling on the couch naked under a blanket Um…

tired toddler Here you go.

mentality of a bipolar addict I have it, it’s kind of fucked up.

one sentence two prisoners You were probably looking for the original article with a different title, but I wrote a good one, too.

stay at home mom blogger I am one of those, yes, but not a “Mommy blogger”.

rockstar shenanigans Psh, I am TOTALLY that.

bustygirlcomics Again, go to the site.

third gender private parts This again?

cartoon guessi world6 I don’t know what this means.

how many kids calls there parents assholes I’m guessing all of them.

are escorts hookers Yes. But stay tuned tomorrow for a post more about that on TMU.

the other woman Oh I have loads to say about that.

“bree paige” Why did you end up here, and not here?

holiday stress humor I don’t think I have any of that. But Holiday stress, that I got.

So, there you go, folks. Crazy enough for you? Because it is for me. But keep ’em coming for next month!

13 thoughts on “Crazy Level: Nailed It

  1. “ass hole of small girl child.. GET OUT OF HERE, NOW.” … ya … much too late … love your write, Rosy … as it is awesome as always … me never trusted enough to go to therapy about …uhm … anything … cuz then I would fall apart, and … no body … no body … would ever be able to put me together again … but your blog is truly a god send to me (if there is such a thing as god) … and probably a few other thousand people/ women reading your thoughts … keep writing, girl … but, please, feel no pressure, as pressure kills … just write, eh? … just breathe and write … please? … Love, cat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Holy shit – so much of this post made me laugh my ass off. Of course not the real sicko ones (you know what I’m talking about) but I just love how you put this together and your comments are so spot-on. It’s truly brilliant. You never, never cease to amaze me, T. And that’s a fact! :) XO

    Liked by 1 person

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