Mini-Post Mondays: Deadlines, Meds, Dog

mini post


I’m no good with deadlines. I try and I try, but it just never works. Probably why I’m so bad with keeping up with my weekly features (if you didn’t notice, I did almost none of them last week).

Why is that? I don’t know. I don’t really have anything to say about it, so I don’t know why I’m writing. Just feel like I need to, I guess.


My psych finally switched my meds. I’m still on Abilify, but now instead of Celexa and Neurontin it’s Effexor and Buspar. I don’t know how they’re working yet, but I like that Effexor is for depression and anxiety and Buspar is actually for anxiety. The first day I took them I felt lightheaded in a good, calm way. The second day I felt really anxious and then slightly better, but nothing too major. The past few days have been bad, but that’s because of a certain trigger. I think I’m waiting for this big BAM moment of feeling better and I know that’s not how it works, but it would be nice.


Many of you may have read this post about my dog having seizures and me having to decide what to do. Well, first I would like to say her real name is Coco, not Gizmo, and I decided to put her down. It’s been a rather rough day and if I’m not responding to comments, that’s why. I appreciate and thank you for the outpouring of love I’ve received.

30 thoughts on “Mini-Post Mondays: Deadlines, Meds, Dog

  1. OMG… rest in peace, Coco … admiring you, Rose for doing this for lil doggie … had to have my black lab Piwo put down last winter, but could not be there at that time … just could not … so my daughter in law went to sit with him … and she brought me a paw print in clay as a keep sake … all so difficult still … to remember, when we got them as puppies … peeing on da rug, and pulling at our socks, going … grrr … omg … and licking our tears away … and all that … that’s life though and death … and at some point we will follow … life sucks sometimes … and then not at times … you’ll be alright … we’ll be alright … right … Love, cat.

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  2. I’m so sorry about Coco. That just sucks. I didn’t read your other post — been trying to work, but I saw the title and guessed the topic. Take it as easy as you can; wallow for a bit if possible. Pet love is like nothing else and losing them, well, it’s just awful.

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  3. I don’t have the same diagnosis as you, but Effexor has been a lifesaver (I take mine with a very, very low dose of Wellbutrin). Buspar may be on the horizon for me soon too.

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  4. (tail droops) I’m so sorry. But I think you made the right decision. She will be at peace now. Off topic, make sure you don’t take any grapefruit or grapefruit juice while on Buspar. But you probably know that. Woof!

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  5. I read your other post and this one about Coco, sweetie, and words can’t begin to express how sorry I am that you’re grieving the loss of your best friend. I had a similar thing happen with my 15-year-old dog Shera a couple years ago- she suddenly started having the seizures. I went with her to the vet to send her to beyond in my arms….I thought I could be “strong” enough to do it alone although others offered to go with me. I should have leaned on them, but I just couldn’t. Afterwards I stopped off at the yuppie health food store and bought 5 fancy chocolate bars and binged on them at home. (I had quit benzos & booze!!!)

    You are wonderfully loving to make the decision and carry it through. You are the best friend that Coco could ever want. I send you much love in the coming week & I’ll be thinking of you each day. xoxooxoxoxoxo Dyane

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    • It just happened so fast — one day she was fine and the other she wasn’t. I went with my son, who had no idea what was going on, and ended up calling Jack to come meet me because I broke down. Then I drowned my sorrows by lying in bed all day and eating ice cream.

      Thank you so much<3

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  6. Tempest,

    Sorry to hear about Coco, losing a dog is always so painful. I admire your courage to do what was right for her, you were a faithful friend. Take care.


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  7. I am so sorry to hear that. It hurts to loose a dog as they are a big part of the family and take a special place in your heart. I agree with Mr Gardener, you should write about her. Tell us her story. You did the right thing. It is a crazy decision to take. And I know how much it hurts…

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