Don’t Call Me Chewbacca [Insidethelifeofmoi]

Hey all! I’m going to leave you with one last thing before I go today — my guest post is up over on Insidethelifeofmoi! It’s about legs — hairy, smoothe? Does it matter?

Here’s an excerpt:

I’m not really interested in being trendy. Nor am I interested in spending unnecessary money on hers razors and shaving cream, or unnecessary time on gliding said shaving cream and razor across my skin.

Yes, smoothe legs feel good. But, honestly, so does smoothe body hair.

Yet for some reason I still feel a remarkable amount of pressure to shave my legs. Every time I take a shower, they scream at me. Every time I think about wearing shorts, they remind me. Every time I show them in public, they laugh at me.

My own legs. They shouldn’t be out to get me — we should work as a team, just like we do to walk.

So why do I feel this enormous pressure to fit in? Because of you.

Please head on over to check it out!

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