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[Throwback Thursday — originally published November 2013]

You’re the proud
kind, the epiphany type.
The unconditional love,
with stipulations. The
conspiracy theory believers,
the simple yet complicated
minds we strive to mesmerize,

                         until we

And you belittle
our uncontrollable
love, with your “down
at the courthouse in your
wedding gowns, fucking

And you belittle
our medication, controlled
substance prescriptions,
with your, “I’m a much
better alcoholic
than you are drug

And you belittle
the message you instilled
in us when we were young,
with your “You can be anything
(that won’t embarrass me);
and you can stand up for your beliefs
(if they coincide with mine);
and you can change the world
(to my liking); I believe in you,

Will you become
so infuriated, perturbed
that your vicarious-living plans
have been foiled? Or will you,
on day four-thousand, four-hundred
and eighty-two, admit defeat?
Either way, we will love
you, unconditionally,

*  *  *  *  *

[Also published in Rewrites Literary Magazine]


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2 thoughts on “Stipulations

  1. Beautiful that in the face of the humanity and fallibility of love with stipulations, you/we/children return that love unconditionally. Love this:

    Either way, we will love
    you, unconditionally,

    Truly what we are called to do — to love.


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