Y’all are Now Officially Insane

I forgot to post this yesterday. So anyway, every month I go through the search terms that lead people to this blog, and every month it gets a bit crazier. This month ya’ll have really outdone yourselves.

inspector search

alcoholicalcoholicsalkoholics I really wonder how many search pages you have to go through to get to my blog. But anyway, alcoholics aren’t cool.

nephila trollnephilia infidelity blog comments You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

nonsenseshenanigans That’s me!

females kicking males ballsreals girls kicking men in ballsgirls who live to kick ballswomen who kick men in balls I wrote one post about a shirt, dammit!

sucking boy Get out of here, please.

damn he’s such a good kisser statuses I don’t know what to say to this.

how to handle a parent’s pity party I don’t know how to handle them, but I can point them out for you.

i had a few episodes where i said something unsesical, does that make me insane Yes, yes it does. Mainly because unsesical isn’t a word.

i cant hide who i really am Then don’t.

i had an affair and feel like shit Well, it’s not for everyone.

7 reasons why santa isn’t real / santa isn’t real I really think I’m ruining childhoods over here.

cunt bucket huge holed luscious labia This one’s my favorite, because WHAT THE HELL?

parenting a child that isnt your own Here you go.

you have been practising how to suck dick Have you? Well, get on it then! But wait, how have you been practicing?

kids parents are assholes They are, indeed.

birthday bucket list stupid I have a whole slew of stupid bucket lists.

confession i had sex with my stepdad Well, that’s kind of gross I guess. I didn’t go that far.

cconfession.my mom is fucked by my friend I’m sorry?

dating friends exes If it’s okay with them, go for it.

well then Indeed!

buspirone divorce I don’t know why you’re here. I’m on buspirone but I’m not divorced.

can’t tell what bit is the stuck tampon / tampon inside didn’t know straining pushed out What? I think you people need to go to some class that teaches about tampons and vaginas.

shenanigans clothing For the trillionth time, I’m sorry. Stop coming here.

chokers that signify marriage I don’t know anything about this, but it sounds interesting.

why cant i find my hole in my vigina Seriously, take come classes people.

pics of passionate lesbian banana use Sigh, only sluts eat bananas.

nipples challenge Yes!

no expectations no promises I don’t know why you’re here, either.

giving my infant a taste of alcohol off my finger That’s quite alright.

7 thoughts on “Y’all are Now Officially Insane

  1. I have to say my fave is “nephila troll / nephilia infidelity blog comments” – not because of the search term, but due to your reply:” You’ve come to the right place, my friend.” Love it!!!!!!!! Someday I pray she finds peace. Do you think it’s possible?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Miracles happen.
        Never say never.
        Why ask why?

        Yeah – those phrases all sound like ads for a beer commercial, and I think one of them was, but I believe them, ha ha ha!!! So our Nephster might surprise us! Stay tuned………

        Liked by 1 person

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