Mini-Post Mondays: Book, Boring

mini post


*I forgot the first time I posted this — there is now also a “My Memoir” option in the menu at the top of the page. If you click on it, you can see all posts that will be in the book, including the first few pages of each chapter (as posted). You can also follow along with my wordcount by the wordcounter in the sidebar.

I’ve been seriously into writing this book. I have over 25,000 words so far, but I’m starting to become afraid that I won’t have enough for an entire novel. I definitely need to go back and add more. But I’m still super proud of myself for coming this far in such a short amount of time. I try to write about 2,000 words a day. Some days are better than others, as I wrote a pretty crappy chapter the other day and haven’t really been feeling it since. But I’ve given copies to some of my friends and so far they love it, so that makes me happy.


Other than the book, I’ve been boring. I apologize for abandoning y’all in blogland, but at least I’m giving you pieces of the book to hold you over until I’m done!

The end.

10 thoughts on “Mini-Post Mondays: Book, Boring

  1. I had over 50’000 words after NaNoWriMo then started sorting, etc. Since I did an idea-dump I found that I had four story lines. I am sorting those out now to see how they should interact and where on the time line. In the meantime, I blog!

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  2. Good on you! Once you think you are done, let it sit there for a little bit! I added 10 additional % in no time to mine while reading it again. I thought I might loose heaps by just correcting stuff that I’ve repeated and correcting mistakes. But I actually added on the go as well. Keep it up!

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