Mini-Post Monday: Crap I Almost Forgot, and the Three S’s

That’s right, I totally almost forgot about y’all. Sorry about that, but it’s been kind of crazy around here.

mini post


Supposedly there’s some sort of killer death storm coming my way. It’s got Governor Christie’s panties in such a bunch that he declared a State of Emergency at 1pm, even though I haven’t seen any snow all day. Though I suppose other areas may have, but because of his State of Emergency class was canceled and it shouldn’t have been. Normally I would be excited about getting the day to myself, but I had already driven all the way out there because my email alert didn’t come through. Plus, I’m actually happy that I’m getting up and out and doing something with my life so now when I have nothing to do I just sigh a lot and get upset about it. Time off is not good for me. Anyway, I have a psych appointment tomorrow morning and I’m really hoping this killer death storm doesn’t fuck that up because those things are impossible to reschedule in any timely manner.


I haven’t taken my son to the doctor’s in a long time, because we had lost our health insurance for about a year or so. Now that we have it back, I was a good mom and made an appointment and actually took him to it, so yay me! However, it seems that something is going on with him in which he might need surgery. The doctor is afraid that one of his testicles didn’t descend. We have to go for an ultrasound sometime this week (again, killer death storm be damned) and then figure it out from there. There’s a chance that it just retracted, so I’m really hoping that’s the case. If you pray, I’d like some sent over here, even though I don’t believe in that sort of stuff.


School has actually been going very well. I’m excited about it, I’m going, I’m doing the work. (Well, most of it. I’ve taken one of the classes previously but got a D so I have to retake it, and since I’m awesome and save all of my homework assignments saved to my computer I’ve just been pulling them and reusing them. No big deal, it’s still my work for this class.) I picked up an extra class so now I have a full classload, which is also exciting because now I feel like a real, functioning, contributing member of society instead of a freeloader.

*  *  *  *  *

So, in all, things are looking up. I’ve found myself to be bored a lot lately when I have nothing going on, which isn’t like me (usually my brain keeps me occupied for hours), which sucks, but other than that I’ve been well and happy. Maybe the meds are working after all.

18 thoughts on “Mini-Post Monday: Crap I Almost Forgot, and the Three S’s

  1. Here’s a thought… If you got a D the first time around, maybe recycling your old assignments, as efficient as that may seem, might not be all that helpful. Again, just a thought.
    Good luck getting to your appointments.
    Your son will be fine. My nephew had it done and he was running around while his mom was screaming at him in no time.


    • I only got a D because I stopped attending and doing the work. I got As on all the assignments I did.
      Thank you=]
      I looked it up online and read that it’s fairly common and kids bounced back immediately, so I feel a bit better but it’s still scary.


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