Mini-Post Monday: Storm, Meds, Suboxone, Tattoos, Testicles, Book

mini post


You may remember me being super paranoid that my whole world would be cancelled last Tuesday because of an “epic snowstorm” headed towards my area. Well, for once in my life I was right and the meteorologists were wrong, because we got about one inch of snow. However, since Chris Christie likes to declare a State of Emergency every time a snowflake or drop of rain falls, my whole world was indeed cancelled. No classes, no psych appointment. Which brings me to . . .


Originally, when I called after finding out my psych office was closed, I was told the next available appointment was March 16th. FUCKING MARCH, PEOPLE. My anxiety has been pretty bad, I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and I can’t concentrate on anything for shit. I needed to see someone. Luckily I had therapy last Thursday and my therapist was able to schedule me for an “emergency” session with a different psychiatrist, though I don’t know why the receptionist didn’t do that in the first place. So anyway, I saw the new/one-time psych and he changed my meds. Now I am completely off the Buspar (which I did on my own a few weeks ago because I realized it was making me worse), have upped my dosage of Effexor, and have switched out the Abilify with Zyprexa. I’m pretty damn paranoid though, because everything I can find says that one of Zyprexa’s main side effects is slowing down your metabolism and weight gain. If you weren’t aware, I’ve already gone up about 20 pounds since I got on meds. I lost about ten over the past few weeks, but I still have a long way to go to get back to my ideal weight.


I’ve gone down on my Suboxone again, so now I’m only taking .25mg a day. Go me! I’m hoping to stay here for a few weeks and then get off altogether. We’ll see how that goes, but I’ll keep you updated!


I recently had a request from a fellow blogger to see my tattoos, so I’m giving you all some pics. Sadly, I only have pictures of three of them on my computer, so that’s all you get. See if you can figure out who/what they are. If you want stories behind any of them, ask in the comments!





I also have the workings of a sleeve, but no good photos of that. I’ll try to ask Jack to take some for me to post next week.


Last week I noted that the doctor couldn’t find one of Holden’s testicles where it belonged and was afraid it didn’t descend, in which case he would need surgery. We were directed to get an ultrasound done to determine if it didn’t descend or if it just retracted. Well, I’m happy to announce that since the doctor’s visit I’ve been checking to see if I can find both of them where they belong, and I did! We’re still getting the ultrasound on Wednesday to know for certain, but I’m pretty sure he’s fine. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes.


I haven’t been working on my book, mainly because of my concentration and because I’ve been so busy with school (which is going great so far, by the way). But don’t fret, I’ll start up again soon enough. However, I’ve noticed that my posts that include excerpts from the book (which is, if I didn’t mention, a memoir about my life) get less traffic altogether — less comments, likes, and views. So I’m asking — are you all still interested in reading the first two pages of every chapter? If you are, please let me know in the comments so I can know whether to keep posting them or not. Thanks!

*  *  *  *  *

I think that’s all I have for today. How has everyone else’s week been?

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14 thoughts on “Mini-Post Monday: Storm, Meds, Suboxone, Tattoos, Testicles, Book

  1. I’ve been enjoying the chapters & “like” everything….just am not commenting as much as I’ve been low-energy – too much Seroquel in my system. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting fewer comments on my blog posts lately – maybe it’s in the air!? :0 Glad that your son’s situation looks good & that school is going well!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I mean, I’ve noticed an overall drop of traffic, but my memoir posts are getting even less than all the others, so I’m wondering if maybe people just aren’t that interested. I’m still gonna post them every Saturday, though.

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  2. I would agree – less WP traffic lately. Maybe people are still trying to find their center after all the holiday chaos. I know I am! Definitely interested in reading the first 2 pages of each chapter – love everything you write! Good job on cutting back on your sub dose too! Wish I could find the strength to do the same, I’ve been stuck at 8mg for quite some time now :-/ Baby steps. Awesome tats!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve noticed an overall drop of traffic, but even more so on my memoir posts. I’m wondering if maybe people just aren’t interested. I have seen a few bloggers come back just this week though, so I’m hoping it was just the holidays.

      And thank you, twice! I’ve decided to try to stop taking the subs altogether today. We’ll see how that goes! Good luck to you, too=]


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