Mini-Post Mondays: School, Nate, Not Much Else, Dad

It’s that time again, folks! Our once-weekly chatty post in which I inform you what’s going on with my life. But first, I want to apologize for not being active on here. I know I’ve been seriously slacking with visiting your blogs, but I swear I have good reason!

mini post


School has been going. Just going. I want to say well, but I can already feel how my concentration issues are affecting me and I’m already starting to have wanna-spend-the-day-in-a-bookstore-instead feelings. So, it’s going. I’m trying my damndest, though. I already wrote a paper that’s not due until the very end of the semester, so I’m staying on my game as much as humanly possible. I have a Statistics test tomorrow that I’m not looking forward to, so keep me in your thoughts, I guess. Good vibes, people, good vibes!


Nate and I have been very well. Our phone conversations have been great and we seem happy. I mean, as happy as we can be knowing we won’t truly be together for at least 12 years. But better than before, definitely. Here’s to hoping things stay this way.

Not Much Else

I’ve been hanging out with my best friend, Luke, a lot. And doing homework. And that’s about it. I recently posted to Facebook that I miss all of my old friends, so a few of us have reunited via text message and I’m hoping that will lead to real reunions but who knows for sure. I feel pretty burnt out between school and Holden, though, so I’m hoping that doesn’t affect me too much. I got my book check from financial aid and, even though it was only a few hundred dollars, I can’t even explain how good it felt to have financial freedom for a few weeks, not having to rely on Jack and my dad for everything. It’s got me thinking about trying to find a part time job, I just don’t know if I can handle being a mom, going to school, and working. I know many other people do it, but I know myself and I get burned out pretty easily so I’m giving this some good, long thought before trying anything that may potentially harm rather than help.


In other news, today is my father’s 57th birthday, so Happy Birthday, Dad!

*  *  *  *  *

That’s about all I have for this week. I’ve been increasingly busy but mainly only with schoolwork, so there’s not much to report. I’ve noticed y’all are still pretty quiet out there — tell me what’s new with you!


4 thoughts on “Mini-Post Mondays: School, Nate, Not Much Else, Dad

  1. Happy birthday to your dad! As for me, spending less time online and more writing/blogging. Made a new time schedule to split up big projects over the weekdays. Makes it easier for me to concentrate. And I am done with the cold. I want sunshine!


  2. Happy birthday to your dad!

    Work is off the wall for me right now, so I will be slacking on blogging and reading all too soon. Or more than normal at least.


  3. Hey there T. I admire you for going to school, let alone everything else. I’m starting up a free support group for women with mood disorders on the 28th & I have 14 women signed up! I blogged last week about my group after a “friend” told me how “dangerous bipolars are” and how the meeting will be risky! I got my anger out of my system by writing about her ignorant remark, & my post got a lot of views, helpful comments & retweets, so that helped me feel better.

    I wish you could join us at the meeting – not that you need support, but I’d love *your* support there!
    Good luck with juggling everything and I’m glad things are going well with Nate & that you got the book $!


  4. Going school can and should be a priority, taking up a lot of time. Don’t forgot to give yourself some mental and physical breaks or you will burn out! Glad everything else is going relatively well!! Take care.


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