Mini-Post Mondays: Sad

mini post

I’ve been sad lately. I don’t know why. I suppose it’s depression, but it doesn’t feel like my usual depression. I think it’s because of my change in meds. I sigh a lot and just want to sleep all the time. Which I have been doing, so I don’t really remember much of when I’m awake. Luke gets me out of the house sometimes, so that’s nice, but it’s been so damn cold lately. So cold. The weather matches my mood, I guess. But I don’t think the weather is the cause. I’m behind on posts and almost behind on homework. Almost, not quite. I still have time to pull it together. I’m trying to get off suboxone but it’s not working. I know it will just add to the sadness. Nate is bummed I haven’t been as talkative because I’ve been sad. I’m afraid of falling like I did before, I thought this was over with. I don’t have much else to say. Everything feels weird.

18 thoughts on “Mini-Post Mondays: Sad

  1. If you’ve faced depression and it hasn’t killed you, you’ll survive the latest round
    As a personality glitch depression sucks! but in the darkened room of a negative mood the creative finds their best inspiration. That’s little consolation when you’re in the gloom ridden pit of your own despair but goes with the territory I guess, and if everyone was a happy happy smile’a’second type… no, that’s just way too scary to contemplate.
    Anyway, random wording collection aside I hope your mood lifts, depressive attributes withdraw to dark corners and transfer of meds works out, if all else fails just go bat shit crazy and get a free holiday in a padded room!

    PS: No offence intended by my words, I have a wonderful mix of anxiety, depression and nerves, means my sense of humour and general outlook might be a tad askewed
    If offence is taken I offer a humble sorry


  2. I know you’re busy w Holden, school and the book , just wanted to say I miss you in my feed. I still love your Saturday book tease and can’t wait to buy the book when you publish it!


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