Guys. Guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys. And, just because some people get offended over everything — Gals. Gals gals gals gals gals gals gals gals gals; Non-binary. Non-binary, non-binary, non-binary, non-binary, non-binary, non-binary, non-binary, non-binary, non-binary. (It’s ironic that I have to specify something like that, considering who I am, who my son is, and our views.) ANYWAY, ONWARD.

I’m back. I’ve decided to come back. I made the decision a few days ago, and I’ve been pondering ways to dive back in. I made a few comments on some blogs, letting them know I was back. I came up with ideas for stellar blog posts to make you all “ooh” and “ahh”. But then I was like, fuck that.

If Jenny Lawson can write posts that aren’t really posts, so can I. It’s my blog, after all. So this is just a warning. A warning that I’m back. And my, a lot has happened. I mean, at the same time nearly nothing has happened, but holy fuck so much has happened. And I figure it would be best to break everything up into separate stories, so here’s just a quick preview:

Relapse. DYFS. Rehab. Luke. No Luke. Preschool. Bullies. Nate. Oh god Nate. Accident. IOP. Jack. Jack-off.

And those are just the basics. Not to mention all of my fucking opinions, haven’t you missed them??

So yeah, I was going to write an amazing I’m back post, but then I went pee, popped a bunch of pimples that came out of nowhere after my face was finally clear, and decided I need to talk to you NOW. And that’s what I’m doing.

I’m pretty excited. I have to admit, I have a shitton going on right now so don’t expect any miracles. Don’t expect daily posts or timed posts or weekly features. Yet. Right now I’m just working on getting back into the groove of things.

If you’re still around, thank you for sticking by me. Sorry for abandoning you.


Oh, look at what I made last night. (Yes, that’s supposed to be an unopened tub of blocks meant as a Christmas present for Holden. Momma makes the rules, so hush.)



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