I’m Still Here

Hey guys. So I know you probably got super excited when I came back and then we’re all “what the hell” when I didn’t post since.. well, my last post. But I promise I’m not leaving again. My laptop broke about two days before Christmas and I simply can’t type a whole post on my phone. Luckily there is still another computer in my house, so I’m not completely lost, but I probably won’t be posting or reading as much until I get mine working again. I do have the WordPress app though, so I’m always available to comment and whatnot.

Also, does anyone know how to remedy error code 0xc000000e? I don’t have a cd drive but I’d be willing to get one because the estimate I got from the manufacturer (asus) was $340 and that’s almost what I paid for the thing in the first place.

Also also, Happy Christmas!

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