#Before30BucketList Preparation and Assistance

Okay so this is only part of a post. A preface, if you will.

Obviously you should know by now that I’ve been working on my #Before30BucketList. One of the things coming up on my calendar is to “Complete a 5k / Walk for Charity”. Another is to “Throw a Fundraiser”.

I’ve gone and gotten myself all signed up for The Color Run in Philly on June 25th. I have a few friends coming along (as long as they sign up, ahem!) so we’re all working together. We’ll be walking, of course, because who runs? (Don’t answer that.) We’ll be jumping and sliding and having a ball getting color blasted all up in that muhfuhka. But we’re also trying to raise money for The Color Run’s partner this year, Back On My Feet.

color run

Our team for the Color Run is called “Color Run Padawans” (I haven’t quite figured out a way to link to our team, I don’t know if they even have team pages) and our fundraiser is “Padawans Color Running for ‘Back On My Feet’“.

We’d love for you to join us. Whether by running walking alongside us, cheering us on, donating even a small amount to our fundraiser, or even just sharing and spreading the message. The Color Run is all about happiness and community and Back On My Feet is all about giving second chances and helping. What’s not to like?? (Plus my #Before30BucketList fits in perfectly).


So just wanted to put this out there. This is a #Before30BucketList preparation in which you can help, if you feel like it. Of course, I’ll update you once I’ve completed the goals — but I do need some help for at least one of them.

“Do Good” — George Feeny

Tell me whatcha think about that!

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