#Before30BucketList: Get An Expensive Handbag Or Shoes

(First, go to this post if you don’t know what my #Before30BucketList is. I’ll also be going back to that original post and noting each goal accomplished if you want to keep up but miss out on some of my posts.)

This one came way easier than anticipated.

Originally I just put this on the list because I had read it on another list and figured what the hell. It was a fairly easy item, but also one I wasn’t too concerned with because I’d rather spend that money on experiences than stuff.

I did look into some things I would like and how much they cost and then searched places like Groupon (which has been my knight in shining armor for this list) for deals. I found a pair of Chinese Laundry shoes I sort of liked for a sweet deal of $10, and I liked the company because my mom’s wedding shoes were Chinese Laundry (or something), but I ultimately decided not to go that route because it defeated the purpose of getting something expensive.

I kind of put this idea on the back burner and checked the interwebs every now and then, but wasn’t overly worried about getting something. Then, the same day I finished reading The Bell Jar, I went to my in-laws for dinner (which we often do on Sundays or Mondays). I told my father-in-law about my list and he asked to read it, agreeing with many things and questioning others and ultimately making fun of me for this one.

But then he told me he had a Dooney & Bourke bag that his mother had ordered right before she passed, that arrived after she passed, so it was literally brand new and had never been used. It still had the packaging in it and everything.

Apparently they looked it up a few years ago and it was worth about $400 and they tried to sell it but no one was interested so they just put it away. And even though I didn’t buy it, technically my list says “Get an Expensive Handbag or Shoes” so this totally counts.


I took about a thousand pictures with this thing but I’m no good at selfies that aren’t close-ups.

I would just like to say how awesome all of my in-laws are, because they’re always so accepting of my shenanigans and encouraging and surprising me with amazing stuff.

Companions: Husband, Son, Father-in-law, Stepmother-in-law, three dogs-in-law

Nothing because my in-laws are awesome.

Goal Total: $0

10th Goal Accomplished
List Item #55: Get An Expensive Handbag Or Shoes
On 04-23-2017

Bucket List Total: $167

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