#Before30BucketList: Make A Family Tradition

(First, go to this post if you don’t know what my #Before30BucketList is. I’ll also be going back to that and noting each goal accomplished and maybe adding or editing some items, if you want to keep up but miss out on some of my posts.)

I didn’t mean to accomplish this one when I did.

I thought about it a lot. It seemed easy enough and important because Mike technically just became a part of our family last year, and I tend to push my old family traditions on him because I don’t like to let things go (hence this whole bucket list). So coming up with a new one for my son, husband, and myself seemed like a great idea.

We went through a few different options. I thought of “Just Because I Love You Day” in which we would pick a specific date every year, not too close to any major holidays, and make each other cards and get each other little gifts (something simple and probably unnecessary, like from the dollar store or Five Below).

Mike wasn’t too thrilled about that idea and came up with Water Park day, which changed to 6 Flags day (since that’s something on my list this year anyway). We might still try to do this every year, but once I noticed we repeated something this year that we had done last year that was closer to us and cheaper, I jumped on it and made it our new tradition.


My son was such an excellent reader in school this year, he won a badge allowing him free rides for four hours, from 1 to 5, on May 6th. Family members could join for $20. My husband and I both had work until about 3:30 so my son’s best friend’s mom took them, and she bought the $20 pass. Once we got off work, Mike and I relieved our friend of kid-duty, let her go home, and took over the activities for the next hour.

My son loves the log flume. He always looks terrified but he would go on it again and again if you let him. I, however, hate the log flume because I’m not too fond of roller coasters and I hate getting wet. But because it was for him, I went on it.

It wasn’t that bad. His best friend hated it and said he’d never go on it ever again for the rest of his life. I went and paid the million dollars for the keepsake picture because why not, when I realized that my son and Mike had taken the same exact picture last year.


So although I’m not in 2016’s photo and Mike’s not in 2017’s photo, we were both still there and my son is in them both, so we’ve decided to make this our new yearly tradition. Every Spring, right before Summer, when Wonderland opens but isn’t too insane, we’ll take the boy and (from now on) throw all three of us on the log flume and pay for the keepsake picture and keep adding them to my son’s wall (where the other two are) until the whole damn thing fills up and we have to improvise.

I hate water, and everyone hates having unflattering pictures of themselves, but I am so excited for this every year. And before you know it we’ll be 80 and he’ll be 57 (or something, I’m tired and bad at math) and we’ll be one of those ridiculous families recreating old kid photos and it will be awesome.

Companions: Husband, Son, (this year son’s friend)

Gas: $1
Parking: $2
Picture: $12
Ride Tickets: This year we got them free because my son won a free pass for doing some sort of excellent reading assignment in school, but the ride itself costs 5 tickets per person so in future years we can expect to spend about $15 on the ride itself (although sometimes they have sales and if you buy more they’re cheaper and I almost always find a few old tickets lying around, so let’s just calculate the cost for this year).

Goal Total: $15

12th Goal Accomplished
List Item #49: Make A Family Tradition
On 05-06-2017

Bucket List Total: $182

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