Supporting Cast

Nonsense & Shenanigans supporting cast

Other than my mother’s and my own, all names have been changed to respect those I write about’s anonymity (even my dog’s).

(I am still in the process of tagging and linking, but once I’m done you will be able to click on a name and find every post in which they are a prominent character.)

Holden” – my adorable, amazing, troublesome 3-year-old son (as of June 29th, 2014). He can be found every Thursday in Tired Toddler Thursdays — a sleeping photo challenge hosted here.

Jack” – my ex-boyfriend, kind of best friend, pseudo-father to my son, man with whom I live.

Nate” – my “one true love,” the father of my child, who is currently incarcerated for a long time.

Poppa” – my father, with whom I also live, and is a little bit crazy.

Gigi” – my mother (when she’s not referred to as my mother or Susan Crowe).

Gizmo” – my half-Pomeranian/half-long-haired-Chihuahua, 16-year-old baby.

Nixon” – my son’s sister, on his father’s side.

Nathaniel” – my son’s brother, on his father’s side.

Keekin” – a dear friend, one of the few I have.

Luke” – my very best friend in the whole wide world.

Chester” – an old friend who is still very dear to me.

“Nikki” – my son’s father’s ex-wife and mother of his two oldest.

Nicole” – Luke’s girlfriend and mother of his son.

Xavier” – along with Nate, one of my first true loves and still one of my best friends. Also one of the Village People.

(More will be added as seen fit.)


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