Tempest Rose

Tempest Rose

I am a contradiction.
I am an activist; I am gluttonous.
I am a lover; I am a fighter.
I am an enthusiast; I am boring.
I am a mother; I am a student.
I am passionate; I am lazy.
I am messy; I am organized.
I prefer to read; I watch too much television.
I despise new-aged-lingo; I say “BTDubz” (btw; by the way).
I believe that ignorance is bliss; I believe even more that knowledge is power.

I am human.
I am bisexual and I have had an abortion. I feel very strongly about eliminating gender stereotypes. I have a mental health disorder. I have the “why can’t we all just get along” mindset, but I can also be extremely negative. I am an addict. I have come a long way. I am not religious but I am a good person. I am at peace with myself and I care about others.

I am extremely opinionated and do not apologize for speaking the truth. If you don’t want to hear about the possibility of a tampon stuck in my whoo-ha, leave now. I’ve also found out that people sometimes find me funny, so I’m making more feeble attempts at humorous posts. They tend to just say “fuck” a lot.



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6 thoughts on “Tempest Rose

  1. Hello my names is Crystal and I has seen a post saying I didn’t leave an address I am not sure of what address you talking about I left an address on my Amazon wish list so if you could please help me I am a single mom with two daughters 13 & 16 and I am not able to buy them ch this year due to not having the funds I. am struggling to keep a roof over there heads and food in there bellies there two awesome girls they hold me that it was ok that they may not have a Christmas that aleast we will have each other on ch moring that touched my heart and I began to cry and all I want for my daughters is a Christmas miricle for them to have something under the tree to wake up to so if you can please help me understand where I have mess up I would really appreciate it. Thank you and God bless u have posted what I did on the bloggess please help guide me. Shania and Breanna wish list
    Link: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1WJZ9F8XOJ848

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Crystal! You do not have a shipping address associated with your wish list. To add one, please go to your list on Amazon (the link you provided me). Then click “List Settings” in the top right corner. A box will pop up with a list of your lists. Next to “Shania and Breanna wish list” click “View Details”. Down that page a little it will say “Shipping Address” and I assume “None” will be selected. Please either choose “Use an existing shipping address” to choose from one associated with your account, or “Create new” to add one.

      Make sure “Third party shipping agreement” IS checked, otherwise only things being sold/shipped directly from Amazon will be able to be purchased, and you have quite a few things on your list from third parties (other companies).

      Also, (this is not imperative but something you might like to do), uncheck “Don’t spoil my surprises” so you can see what has been purchased from your list.

      I can not promise any miracles, but I will do what I can.

      Also also, may I ask why there are men’s clothing items on your list? Are they for your daughters? I often wear men’s clothing so I wouldn’t be surprised, just want to make sure.

      Also also also, a very good idea would be for you to put who each item is for, so someone doesn’t mistakenly get gifts for only one girl. To do so, under EACH item, click “Add comments, quantity & priority”. In the comment box, put the name of which daughter the gift is for. This will make it easier for people to know which daughter has been gifted how many items, so one doesn’t get more than the other. You can also change the “Priority” setting, if you want, to show how important each gift is, but seeing that it’s so close to Christmas many people are just purchasing the simple things as it’s all they can afford.

      I’m going to sleep now and won’t be able to make any purchases until after 2pm tomorrow, but I will be able to respond sporadically between 8am and 2pm. Please let me know once you’ve added the address and designated each item, or if you need any more help.


    • I hope you see this. How important is it that items get to you by Christmas day? Many of your items aren’t available through Prime so I doubt the regular shipping would get them there on time.


    • Only 3 things on your list are available to ship Prime. Those are the only things that stand a chance of getting there on time. The shipping will just take too long for all the others. But you still might receive things, just after Christmas. I shared your list on another page that’s doing the same thing the Bloggess did. I’m doing the best I can.


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