This Blog

This Blog (is a version of my story)
I have a story to tell, and knowledge to share, and opinions to be voiced. I feel like I don’t belong and I want to make a difference. I write personal posts, opinion pieces, and creative writing.

Everything is categorized so you can find whatever you’re interested in easier, or just scroll through all posts, or search for something specific in the search bar.

Many topics are controversial — I tend to write about my experiences and my passions, which can be found in the “About Tempest Rose” section.

*all mental health posts (aside from the original one linked to above) can be found on Bipolar Parenting Project or Stigmama, as I am now a contributor to both blogs, and absolutely honored.
You can also check out my Eeyore Syndrome page for an easy way to navigate through those posts (but I recommend you also follow both other blogs
 so you don’t miss anything!).


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