Confession: I Confess…

This confession comes from MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO.

It feels like a horse kicked me right on the chest, the very first moment I laid eyes on him. Funny because he was not a stranger, I have known him before; but that was a long, long time ago. The person I am seeing now, I would not recognize if we have met anywhere but here; the people and the place connected him to the past, so I had a very good idea who he might be.  Secretly I was wishing it could be different for he was the man I was looking for all of my life.

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Confession: Work At Home Woman

This confession comes from Sue’s Simple Snippets:

“That Sue… I think she’s finally gone off the deep end,” they would say.

No, just working from home folks. Nothing to see here.

“But she’s not a mom,” they’d continue.

That’s right. Just a woman trying to realize her dream. Not all stay-at-homes are moms you know.

For lunch I clean out the fridge and finish up some leftovers while propped up in front of the computer. Some salad drips onto my sweatshirt. Beside the sauce stain. Shrugging, I turn back to my social media, admiring all the other perfectly coiffed bloggers out there, wondering if they’re actually “unclean” today too.

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Confession: My Sexuality and My Bitch Friends

Okay, this was just happened two days ago. I don’t know if I regret telling my friends about my sexuality. I have been confused about my sexuality 4 years ago when I fell in love with a woman, okay I am a woman too. I kept that for years because I’m so afraid what people would think and I am not sure what is happening to me.

When finally, one day, after a lot of talking to people and searching about it, I came to an answer that I am BISEXUAL.

As time pass, I slowly getting use to control my feelings and all the stuff but telling to others was a big NO NO to me. It was so hard for me to stay back and be a closet queen. Even my closest friends and my family doesn’t know about it, afraid what will they say.

Then one day, I tried to tell my group of close friends. At first, they like, “okay, if that’s you, what can we do? We love you whatever you want” and then as I confess to them it feels like the atmosphere is changing. They laugh at what I say and they are telling me some bad things. I sit back for a bit and just listen to what they say. Until one of them said, “if you’re a bisexual then you are okay with dick and vaginas? What the hell?” I was shocked with the question. Then someone said, “You better look for dick not vagina, you are destroying your eggcells and you cannot make kids when you choose Vagina.”

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Confession: I Choose Not to Medicate

I feel like I’m not doing enough for my son. He’s having such a hard time in school and his teacher makes me feel like he’s not doing well because I choose not to medicate him.  I don’t think medication is the answer. I think she’s copping out of dealing with him.  Yes he can’t sit still… Yes he can’t focus… Yes he’s having a hard time following direction, but he’s such a smart little boy.  Am I wrong to not medicate?

*  *  *  *  *

This confession is brought to you by an ANONYMOUS confessor. To make your own confession, please visit The Confessional page.


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Confession: Two Broken People, One Dysfunctional Relationship

I trusted you. I laid with you. I let you know the most intimate parts of my soul, my body. And you left me. When you saw the dark side of me, you just fucking left. Truth is, you already left me. I was there for you from the beginning. I allowed you a place in my life. I let you bitch and moan about how you were too good for that honest job. I listened as you talked about how that job was breaking you down and taking you away from your life’s mission. But off the soap box. I was empty. I was broken. You were empty. You were broken. We were two broken people in one dysfunctional relationship.

When you’re an addict you do whatever it takes NOT to feel. For me, for us it wasn’t drugs, alcohol, gambling. For me, it was the intimacy, the sex, the food, the love. Whatever it take not to feel the weight of mistakes. Not to feel the weight of a disappointing connection with your cruel mother. Not to feel the burden of a family life that has left me fighting against a legacy of low self worth, suppressed emotions and an ego sensitive to criticism. For you, the weight of an isolated adolescence and the stumbling blocks preventing you from being the father you want to be, the advocate you want to be, the fighter you want to be.

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