I Almost Forgot

Two of my poems were accepted for In-Flight Magazine‘s (brought to you by Paper Plane Pilots) first literary magazine issue!

They can both be found here also, on this blog, but you should still go check out the first issue and all the other amazing writers.

in-flight literary magazine

Here are brief excerpts from the poems of mine included:


It started out fine,
for me. I guess
he saw it differently.
I guess when your first
words to someone are “I
don’t give a fuck
about your mommy issues,”
when they’re drunk
and pouring their heart out,
things have to take a wrong
turn somewhere along the line.

*  *  *  *  *


I found a note scribbled
on the back of a receipt
this morning, dancing
in the breeze amongst
leftover litter you likely
didn’t mean to
leave behind.