Mini-Post Mondays

mini post

Once upon a time (i.e. last week) I tried to make a Nonsense & Shenanigans newsletter. Three people subscribed and it overwhelmed me so I nixed it.

However, I still have a lot to say about nothing at all, so I decided to incorporate some of the features of the newsletter into the actual blog. For the special blogger and/or post, I give you Featured Fridays. For the random bits of nonsense (otherwise known as Tidbits & Smidgens), I give you Mini-Post Mondays.

Mini-Post Mondays are all about the thoughts, stories, quotes, etc. that aren’t quite long enough to make a real blog post. I know a lot of people post them anyway, but I’m weird and have to do things differently. So every Monday I will post a bit of my word/thought vomit.

If you would like to participate in Mini-Post Mondays, all you have to do is publish your own post consisting of your own word/thought vomit, and include a pingback (i.e. link) back to this page (and either that week’s post or let me know, otherwise I won’t get a notification). I will list all the Mini-Post Monday posts below.


From Me:

From Others:

15 thoughts on “Mini-Post Mondays

  1. Love it. Thanks for linking me! I have another one coming up this Monday. It really helps to get the words out without thinking about the significance of a whole long post. :)

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