Confession: My Sexuality and My Bitch Friends

Okay, this was just happened two days ago. I don’t know if I regret telling my friends about my sexuality. I have been confused about my sexuality 4 years ago when I fell in love with a woman, okay I am a woman too. I kept that for years because I’m so afraid what people would think and I am not sure what is happening to me.

When finally, one day, after a lot of talking to people and searching about it, I came to an answer that I am BISEXUAL.

As time pass, I slowly getting use to control my feelings and all the stuff but telling to others was a big NO NO to me. It was so hard for me to stay back and be a closet queen. Even my closest friends and my family doesn’t know about it, afraid what will they say.

Then one day, I tried to tell my group of close friends. At first, they like, “okay, if that’s you, what can we do? We love you whatever you want” and then as I confess to them it feels like the atmosphere is changing. They laugh at what I say and they are telling me some bad things. I sit back for a bit and just listen to what they say. Until one of them said, “if you’re a bisexual then you are okay with dick and vaginas? What the hell?” I was shocked with the question. Then someone said, “You better look for dick not vagina, you are destroying your eggcells and you cannot make kids when you choose Vagina.”

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