Four Letter Words are not a Route to the Dark Side

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I have this constant feeling of not belonging. In a world where judgment and cruelty run rampant, I fear I will never find someone like me. And that’s not to say I’m a saint or anything, because I am most definitely not. It just seems like those around me are drifting away, or maybe I’m drifting away from them. Either way, we’re not meshing very well.

What’s so wrong with being passionate? Is it so horrible to care? Am I really that much of a contradiction that I turn myself into a hypocrite?

Photo Credit: WeKnowMemes (Found using Google Image Search "Labeled for reuse" option)

Photo Credit: WeKnowMemes
(Found using Google Image Search “Labeled for reuse” option)

Jack and I got into a debate today about how I strongly speak out against the use of derogatory/discriminatory terms (“retarded,” “gay,” among so many others I’d rather not post), yet use “the c word” more often than anyone I know. It doesn’t offend me. I don’t think it should offend you. When I use it, at least, it’s not to put one group of people down, or point out one specific aspect of a group of people; it’s simply to call someone a big-jerk-head-to-the-extreme, more or less.

I feel like it’s along the lines of calling someone a dick. Who would take offense to that? Maybe people who think their penis is a bad thing . . . maybe. In that case, the only people who should take offense to “the c word” should be those who have problems with their vaginas (and by problems I don’t mean actual medical concerns). (Why is “vaginas” never recognized as a word in any spell check I’ve ever used? There can’t be more than one vagina? Plural penises are fine, but only one vagina allowed!)

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