This is Not About Me

I just found out my very best friend is having a baby (his second child).

I’m having mixed feelings about this, but none coherent enough to make up an entire post, but I feel the need to write about it and Mini-Post Monday is almost a week away so I guess I’ll fake a post.

First, I feel angry. I found out via his girlfriend’s post on Facebook because he “wasn’t allowed to tell anyone”. Wasn’t allowed to tell his best friend until his girlfriend told the whole world? That makes sense.

Second I feel crappy. Obviously he didn’t tell me because I’ve been a horrible, horrible, flaky as fuck friend lately, right? I suck.

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Banana Shlong

I had a really, really weird dream last night (or rather, today because it’s 2:30pm and I just woke up). Parts of it are already leaving me, but others are sticking with me more vividly than most dreams.

My best friend, Luke, and I (who have a history of dating and/or fucking and/or being us against the world) started dating again. Or fucking. I think it was both.

He was living in the Village House (which I still haven’t introduced you to yet, sorry) with some other random people. I went to visit him and he convinced me to play this real-life video game type thing. I forget what it was called. But I actually had to run around and do stuff for real and almost die and shit, but that was perfectly normal in this dreamland. Some famous guy, I think Bruce Willis, was on our team.

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