Only Sluts Eat Bananas

A while ago I saw a Facebook friend of mine post this:


Which got me all riled up.

*  *  *  *  *

What is slutty exactly? Please, dear male friend, inform us as to how to find the perfect balance between slutty and sexy. Because we all know you want to look at us, but then you blame us for giving you something to look at.

But, more importantly, our purpose is not for your eye candy. We don’t dress to impress you. Some of us don’t dress to impress anyone. We live in New Jersey, dear friend, where it has been in the 90s (or felt like it) for the past week. We’re not used to this weather. We’re fucking hot.

What do you do when you’re hot? Take your shirt off, I presume? Wear shorts and tanks, maybe? Yeah. We do the same. We wear shorts and dresses and bikinis because it’s hot and we want to be comfortable. Not everyone who dresses in small clothing does so to draw attention to themselves.

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I Think I’m Safe

The other day I posted on my Facebook that I needed coffee. A male friend, who I don’t know very well but used to come to my old parties and is a close friend’s cousin, offered to take me to Starbucks and pay. Seeing as how I had $3 and the car wasn’t available, I had to say yes.

I mentioned this to my friend and she said he was probably “on the prowl”. I glanced at myself in the mirror and told her, I’m wearing a pair of sweatpants with a giant hole in the crotch and haven’t showered or shaved in two weeks. Plus I’m wearing my Fries Before Guys shirt so he’ll know I prefer food over him. I think I’m safe.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

Then I thought I probably should change my pants. But then I thought that maybe I shouldn’t, because I didn’t feel like getting hit on.

Well, I should at least change my underwear.

But then he might not realize how gross I am.

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Are You ‘Bangable’ Enough To Be Raped?

Earlier today, this video popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. I won’t embed it here because it could be disturbing for some, but it was accompanied with the caption “Visuals of villagers thrashing the 2 auto drivers who tried to rape a woman in AP.”

The video depicts two men standing, bound and naked other than unbuttoned shirts and socks covering their privates, being beaten by several women with shoes, brooms, and other miscellaneous items. Allegedly, they attempted to rape a woman and got caught. (I say allegedly because I did not look into the story — in no way am I saying they are not guilty, I simply don’t know for certain.)

I admit that I have extremely limited knowledge when it comes to other countries, but from what I’ve found ‘AP’ is Andhra Pradesh, a state in India.

A friend of a friend posted the video — the only reason it showed in my newsfeed was because my friend commented on it. But I was intrigued, so I watched it. Of course, I thought several things: rapists deserve this; this is cruel and unethical; India needs to do more about rape; this shouldn’t be happening in the first place. But I didn’t let myself think too much into it, because my brain was simply not prepared to get into the internal debates present, let alone public conversation.

Then I saw a comment. And my brain went crazy. (I contemplated posting the person’s real name and photo, but I don’t know him — and his Facebook name is not his real name — so I’ll show some respect.)


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