I haven’t been having good days. Well, it’s only been like this for a few days — and actually, yesterday was good because I made my kid a house out of a cardboard box, but that meant I was outside all day and couldn’t write. And I don’t remember the day before that because my memory is shit, but I know that I haven’t written in two whole days.

Oh wait, that’s just yesterday and today. Thursday I did TTT. But now it’s 12:57 so it’s technically tomorrow.

Anyway, today I didn’t do much other than lie in bed or on the couch. And the fact that I haven’t written anything in two days is making me want to curl up and hide again, so I figured I’d share some of the random tidbits that I jot down. Thoughts and happenings and words and whatnot.

You know, to hold you over until I’m back on my game.

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Conversations with my Father

Sometimes I wonder how I became the crazy one.

I’m an addict.
I’ve been there. I understand.
NA doesn’t work for me.
You were never really an addict, then.

Maybe I should try Suboxone.
Can’t hurt to see if it will help.
I got a prescription.
You’re just replacing one drug for another.
I’m going to stop taking it.
You really shouldn’t do that without talking to your doctor and making a plan.
The plan is going to take longer than expected.
You need to get off that shit. You’re never going to get off that shit.

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