Mini-Post Mondays: Cure-All, Amputee, Busy, Ring

Sorry I’m so late today, everyone! I was out at my bestest friend’s house all day and forgot to schedule this. So let’s get to it.

mini post

*  *  *  *  *


My poor boy is sick. He wouldn’t take his medicine until he conned me out of my imaginary super power ring. Then, literally 5 minutes later he coughed and freaked out that he needed more medicine because it wasn’t working.

Oh, to be young again.

*  *  *  *  *


seriously just almost lost a toe because a thread from my sock was wrapped around it all day.

*  *  *  *  *


I apologize for my lack-of posting lately. I’ve still been struggling with my concentration, but more importantly I’ve been keeping busy mostly every day.

You may remember me mentioning that my therapist recommended I make a chore chart, which I printed out and also bought adorable owl stickers to use for every day I accomplish my chore for that day. It’s working great so far, although I’ve only had it for three days as of now.

I’ve also started reading again, which is always exciting for me. (I just forgot how to spell exciting.)

And I’ve been hanging out with friends more. I’ve noticed that my anxiety isn’t as bad when I’m keeping busy, so I’ve been trying to keep busy. I hope soon I’ll get my passion for writing back, and my concentration involving writing, and be able to give you all lots of amazing posts soon.

*  *  *  *  *


I also mentioned the other day that I found the perfect engagement/wedding ring set. Although I don’t own it yet, my father and I went to check it out and took pictures. Here they are:

engagement ring

This is the engagement ring alone.

engagement and wedding ring combo set

And this is the engagement ring with the wedding ring (both together as a set).


Today I woke up to my boy cuddled up in the covers next to me watching nursery rhymes on the iPad.

Then we went to his best friend’s house and played and laughed and had a good time.

When we came home, I dug a plastic drawer organizer out of the shed, rinsed and dried each drawer, and sorted all of the paperwork, mail, coupons, receipts, and miscellaneous items from the kitchen table into each of the drawers.

Then I did the dishes while dyeing my hair.

Productive-as-fuck, meet Tempest Rose.

Anyway, after all of my doing all the stuff, Adam and my dad got home so I ran out to get them (and me) some food. I stopped to get milk at WaWa, and got in line behind an adorable little boy. I’d say he was about 10 or so, definitely no older. He was just standing there staring sadly at a pile of change in front of him — the cashier had the same sad stare at a 12oz cup of hot chocolate.


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