Trolls and I Have an Awesome Relationship

They take out their frustrations on me, and I get new writing material. YAY.

So, the usual Nephila has spammed me three times since my last post calling her out. I have taken to editing the comments to better please me, but saving them on my computer for times like this.

I was also graced with another spam comment from this lovely person — I responded slyly at first and then just had to say how hilarious the comment was. But I didn’t actually take the time to give a decent response to either, because that’s what they want, right?

Well, that’s what they’re going to get. The comments were just too good to not respond to in some way.

Plus, new writing material (and getting to call someone out on their shit) always equals YAY.

(This post may get a little lengthy. I implore you to at the very least skim through to the quoted sections to read said spam comments.)

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Trolls Love The Third Toe on My Right Foot

I think I officially have a troll. And I have to admit, it’s kind of exciting.

First, she told me a 15-year-old who was taken advantage of by a swim coach should have more sympathy for the man’s wife and children, instead of having the indecency to be scarred by it herself. She blamed the woman, who anonymously confessed, for telling her own story, and then hoped she would experience the same thing.

Then she stated that the world is horrible and that’s okay. (This is, I may note, the only post on which her comments didn’t regard infidelity.) And accused me of blogging about unimportant issues on my own blog.

On a mental health post, she cried out defaming people diagnosed with Bipolar and went on a rant about her husband’s mistress. And discredited sociopathy as a mental illness by saying it discredits other illnesses. Then had a problem with a mental health foundation helping any and all people with mental health issues. Then assumed I was on her mistress’s side.

On another mental health post, she brought up her husband’s mistress again, in the second sentence, and made the whole comment about her.

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