Tired Toddler Thursdays


As most parents do, I’ve been taking absolutely adorable pictures of my son sleeping since he was born. Recently I started taking a photo of him every night (and sometimes during nap time, on that rarest of occasions) in the exact position he falls asleep. He’s been pretty amusing lately, as we allow him to watch some TV and eat some snacks before bed if he does so peacefully in his room, so he tends to fall asleep in pretty bewildering positions and places.

Once taking the random picture here and there turned into a nightly ritual, the excitement of wondering how and where I would find Holden each night inspired me to incorporate his cuteness into Nonsense & Shenanigans.

So here it is: below are galleries of my son sleeping, sorted by year. (This is mainly a 2014 thing, but I searched through my computer and Facebook files and gathered all the sleeping photos I could find, so there will be some in 2011, 2012, and 2013.) Each Thursday I will add the previous week’s 7 (or more) treasures to the 2014 gallery. I will also publish a new post linking to this page, reminding you about Tired Toddler Thursdays, and possibly adding in a story, quip, thought, etc. relating to one or all of Holden’s sleeping positions.


Here’s the fun part: I invite you, followers, fellow bloggers, Facebook and Twitter fans, family, strangers — anyone at all is welcome — to join me. You do not have to have a toddler OR take a photo every day, your child can be any age or you can even switch things up and take pictures of your significant other, best friend, roommate, pet, whatever comes to mind (so long as it’s a living being and sleeping). Then:


  • Add your photos to a post, and do the same as me — write a story about one or all of the photos, add some thoughts, or post only photos if you’re not feeling up to anything else. It’s up to you. (I am not a photographer, so this isn’t about the quality of the pictures, as you will soon find out).
  • Include a pingback to this post (if you do not know how to do so — simply insert the link/webaddress of this page somewhere in your post. You can copy and paste the actual address itself somewhere, or you can insert a link somewhere in your post, so long as it’s somewhere) (and either that week’s post or let me know, otherwise I won’t get a notification).
  • I will then add your post (in turn adding a pingback to your post) to the list on this page of those who participate, along with on the weekly reminder post. Have fun!
  • (Each week of photos spans from the previous Thursday to the Wednesday before each posting Thursday. The day we post does not count, so if your subject has already slept at some point that day, save it for the next week.)
  • Have fun! And check out the other participants. Give them some love — ‘like’ posts you like, ‘comment’ thoughts you have, ‘share’ posts the world needs to know, check out their other posts and ‘follow’ them if you find them interesting — you know the deal.



Without further ado, Tired Toddler Thursdays presents Holden-Houdini-Sleeperooni:



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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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17 thoughts on “Tired Toddler Thursdays

    • Haha kids can fall asleep anywhere in any position! And thank you=] Stay tuned every Thursday for the previous week’s photos — each POST only has one photo as a preview, but the PAGE (you can get to it by clicking on “Tired Toddler Thursdays” at the top in the menu, or there’s always a link in each TTT post) has the whole week’s.


    • Oh wait, you are commenting on the page! Haha sorry, my notifications said “post” so I thought you were commenting on one of the weekly reminder posts I do. Darn internet/computers.


        • Seriously. I always want to take part in one of those “unplugged” days/weekends/weeks/whatever when the whole family doesn’t use anything with a screen for the entire time, but being a writer whose thoughts move too fast for handwriting, it doesn’t seem possible. Maybe someday, though.


          • Yeah, my family gets on my case about how I’m glued to the computer. But, I’m writing and/or reading and/or doing something related to blogging 90% of the time, so I tell them it’s required “work” to help push forward my career. Ha! I have heard though that removing electronics from your room helps you sleep much better and wake easier.


  1. You can absolutely participate! I’ve been hoping someone would join me=]

    And I am always accepting awards — I can’t resist a boost to my ego. Haha, so thank you very much!!


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